2013, “Tengri-Umai” Gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan


The process of the consumption of a consumer by a consumer.
Giving a sweet, protect your hand.

"The theorists of Marxism talked about the condition of objectification, meaning the social relations, peculiar for the developing capitalist society, in which the relations between people take the form of the relations between things."

(Brandon Taylor. «The actual art»)


The project appeared on the border of reasoning and feelings and was being created as a projection onto the existing reality. The key to the understanding of my works could be a statement by the American critic Craig Owens: «The allegory is doubling one text within the framework of another one. The allegorist does not make up images, he or she confiscates them by forcing out the initial sense and replacing it with his or her own one.»


It takes about 3 hours to produce a canvas for the work sized 160 x 150. The creation of a «burning» (saturated) color on the canvas takes about 5 days or more.
My own author's technique and the style of syzykshizm, which were used in the project, have allowed me to allegorically express the fatal inevitability of a final stage in the continuous process of consumption embedded in the human nature.

(the term "syzykshizm" is used in Kazakh art and comes from the Kazkh word "syzyk" meaning "line".
The line on the canvas is a trace of a conscious hand movement representing a sketch which like a metaphorical document expresses the internal feelings of an author. )

INStallation of ceramic objects and photos

The project also includes the photo visualization of the burning and smoking of the ceramic objects in the form of transformed human skulls.


Anna Margatskaya