May we refuse or accept something as really true, genuine and precious in art? To evaluate real creativity or to think that it is your own deception and illusions?
The fact of talant is not so important as the essence of an exact introduction of yourself into the competition of the market.
Every time to ask yourself : "Why are you doing this? "Who is it necessary for? "Do you want to earn money or become famous?"
But the most awful thing that obsesses you is "Can you do it?"
Thousands of noises including opportunities, multiple advice, exhibitions, reviews, assessments, etc., condense into infinite silence - After........
And expectations, expectations of sales, trips, opinions, articles, etc.
This collar is tightening you stronger and stronger and is depriving you of the main thing: it is erasing the memory of why and what for you have decided and realized that you want to become and be an artist!

Anna Margatskaya